Complete internal electrical works
industrial plants, Shops, Hotels, Social and community facilities, houses and other function facilities 0.4 kV complete construction of electrical
Construction of measuring point
Construction of measuring point, installation of distribution-facilities. Connection of machines and other equipment.
Expansion of lighting networks
Expansion and connection of lighting networks
Grounding Systems
Expansion of ground systems and power networks
Low power networks
Expansion of fire alarm systems: Development of analog and digital fire alarm systems. Intrusion protection: intrusion protection, locking systems, barriers. Monitoring systems: Monitoring systems with internal and external cameras, internal television network, CO alarm systems.
Emergency power sources
Emergency power sources: Diesel generating sets, connection and installation of uninterruptible power supply systems, construction of energy supply.
Temporary construction energy
Temporary construction energy: Development, maintenance and measurement of construction power networks
Special lightning protection systems
Manufacture and refurbishment of electrical distribution

Electrical distribution equipment

Produktion and renovation of the electrical distribution equipments
On-call duties, Maintenance work
On-call duties, Maintenance work

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