The BEGAVILL-2003 Ltd is a Hungarian-owned Firm. Our core business is building electrical installation.

The company puts a great emphasis on the importance of using the latest technology to achieve the highest level customer satisfaction. In order to provide that level of quality we operate on the basis of ISO 14001:2005 and ISO 9001:2009 quality management regulations.

With the decades of experience, preserving the stable position at the frontline of the electrical industry, we face the new challenges confidently! „You can count on us!”

In the last years, since the establishment, we continuously enlarged the range of our services; today we offer our customers high technical quality. Nothing proves this better, than our Company as Limited Partnership was formed in 2000, became Limited Liability Company in 2003. Begavill Limited Partnership continues to operate and supports our Limited Liability Company with service works. Our object is to offer our customers high-level fulfillment.

The company provides quality services exercised by high skilled workforce to our customers.

To the implementation of projects, we provide sufficiently qualified and experienced professionals. When requisted, we provide assistance from the planning stages for our customers to find the best and most-effective solutions as far as the development of implementations are concerned. Our object is to offer our customers high-level fulfillment.

Our Company has 50 employees. Over our staff, if necessary 50 subcontractors may be available.

Begavill Quality and Environment Policy

Quality and Environment Policy
Statement of Quality Policy

At BEGAVILL-2003 Ltd. we consider quality as a key factor, and wish to realize it in accordance with the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 requirements.

The main strategic aim of our company is to meet the prevailing requirements with our Services. We continuously develop our quality management in order to achieve greater efficiency, improve cost-effectiveness, and to satisfy the needs of customers more effectively.

We treat the following areas with significant importance:
·         make sure that the quality demands, and the customer demands are well-known and used efficiently within our organisation
·         complete and precise fulfilment based on the date of the orders
·         zero-defects mentality, the stress is placed on error prevention
·         measurement, evaluation, and improvement of process’ efficiency
·         provision of effective training and information flow
·         establishment of mutually favourable relation with the suppliers

Quality management

The BEGAVILL-2003 Ltd. operates a quality management system in its Services based upon the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009.  We pay great attention to the designing, organising, and surveying of our work in order to attain high precision for our end-products. The primary object of our company is to meet the demands of the customers on the highest possible level.

Environmental Policy:

Our company set it out as a goal to continue to operate on by considering the environmental factors during its activities. Environmentally conscious thinking and working are one of the key elements of the company’s philosophy.

The working of the environmental management of the BEGAVILL-2003 Ltd. is based upon the norm of the MSZ EN ISO 14001:2004, which is in close relation with our company’s quality management. Our aim is to achieve such an environmental performance that we can be proud of, furthermore, to win the trust of our customers and the people concerned in a widespread population, to become good neighbours, and to contribute to the sustainable development.

In order to achieve our goals:
·         We comply with the environmental laws, resolutions, and inner regulations that concern our activity.
·         We set out environmental aims and schedules, which that are relized in the form of environmental programs, and are continuously monitored.
·         During both our activity, and the process’ that takes place in the office, our primary goal is the collection and the delivery of the waste in a selective way or, if possible, the recycling of it.
·         During our activity we use the energy and the resources granted in an economical way.
·         We evaluate our environmental fulfilment on a regular basis, and by considering the evaluated data we continuously develop our environmental management system.
·         We regularly inform our colleagues on the performance and changes that take place in our environmental management system, moreover, we have up-to-date information on the issues.
·         We demand that our suppliers act in accordance with their environmental management system’s requirements.
·         Our company considers it a highly important issue to assert an attitude towards the protection of the environment, to spread environmentally conscious thinking in the ranks of its colleagues and suppliers, in order to satisfy the needs of the people concerned.

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